The International Dance Organization (IDO) has joined European Fair Play family

The International Dance Organization (IDO) was founded as a non-profit organization on September 18, 1981 in Florence, Italy. The original founding member nations were Italy, France, Switzerland and Gibraltar. Mr Moreno Polidori from Italy, was the first ever President of the World Organization and drew up, together with his Presidium the original statutes, by-laws and rules that governed the organization.

The main purpose of the IDO was to provide World, European and Continental Championship competitions to both amateur and professional dancers, in all forms of dance. The IDO is divided into three dance Departments, mainly Performing Arts, Street Dance and Couple Dance, with each department government by annual departmental meetings. In order to develop IDO all over the world, Continental Conferences are installed to govern the issues relating to the region and to run
continental IDO Championships and events.

37 years on and whether dance is exercised as a cultural art form or as a dance sport, the IDO prides itself in creating platforms that will enhance the standards of all its members and contacts through participation in competitions and its education programmes. This system only serves to put the IDO as the elite World Dance Organization it is currently.

Today, the IDO is very proud that it represents more than 90 national member organizations and over half a million dancers worldwide.