On June 03, 2023 at the International Olympic Academy premises in Ancient Olympia, Greece, an astonishing trip bound to all the world started. It is the symbolic trip of the "International Fair Play Passport", which spreads the universal message of the Olympic Values all over the world.

This emotionally particular Event was dynamically supported by ALLIANZ as the international Sponsor of the International Fair Play Passport and TOTAL ENERGY as the national Sponsor.

The presentation of the birth of the International Fair Play Passport took place at the Pierre de Coubertin Monument in the IOA stadium, where the flags of all the IOC Members were waving in the air. The excellent choreography of Ms. Artemis Ignatiou, the inspired choreographer of the Olympic Flame Lighting ceremonies, was especially created for the case and touched the hearts of the spectators filling them with enthusiasm.

The ceremony was honored by the presence of the Gen. Secretary of the Hellenic Ministry of Sports Mr. Mavrotas, the Gen. Secretary of the EFPM Mr. Psilopoulos, the Presidents of the Italian and the Greek Olympic Academies Messrs Checcoli and Alikakos, the Hellenic Olympic Committee representative Mr. Tokas, The IOA Dean and Member of the Hellenic Olympic Academy Mr. Georgiadis and the Treasurer of the HOA Mr. Perros. Among them present were thirteen schools from all around Greece and one from Cyprus. These schools were chosen by lot among the 3.248 schools that participated in the program of the 3d Olympic Week, organised by the Hellenic Olympic Academy.

The sociology Prof. Gennaro Testa, creator of the Fair Play Passport Program, which started from the Procida Island in Italy, being the 2022 Cultural Capital of Italy, underlined the importance of said Passport as a tool for the widespread of the Olympic Values all over the world, breaking through all kinds of barriers.

The Ceremony closed with the symbolic relay run of the participating pupils, who ran towards all the directions of the Stadium carrying bars with the colors of the Fair Play Passport, symbolising all the places around the planet earth. When they reached the finish lines they reeled off their paper bars and turned them to the light-giver Sun - the Sun that lights the Olympic Flame - and sent the Fair Play message all over the world.

It was an unforgettable Event!