The San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP) presents the traditional Press Review for the year 2023.

The San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP) presents the traditional Press Review for the year 2023. Now in its seventh edition, the Press Review contains all the initiatives and activities promoted and organized by the Sports Cultural Association of San Marino.

The publications also include the initiatives of the San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CSPC), which is part of the CNSFP, and other glimpses of the world of sport in San Marino.

The CNSFP is strongly committed to the educational and training mission to promote the Ethical Values of Sport and the universal Principles of Fair Play. These represent an important added value to educational processes for young people in addition to those who practice sport at various levels. In compliance with the guidelines of its international organizations of reference, EFPM and CIFP, the WORLD FAIR PLAY DAY is promoted and organized annually in the Republic of San Marino on 7 September. Each year sees the awarding of the different categories of the Fair Play Awards.

We would like to extend special thanks to the various newspapers that, as always, host us to raise awareness of the San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP). We also extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who follow us and support us in our scheduled events.

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