"We fought for his life"

Lisa Hörnblad, Lin Ivarsson and Helena Rapaport were up the mountain in a gondola to inspect the Garmisch course when a 60-year-old German official had a heart attack.

The man fell to the floor shortly after the gondola started. Hörnblad took the initiative, giving the stricken official a cardiac massage, helped by Rapaport, and Ivarsson called for help on her mobile phone.

"It was crazy, we fought to keep him alive, the minutes felt very long," Hörnblad told Swedish TV broadcaster SVT.

When the gondola reached the top an Austrian national team doctor could continue the life-sustaining rescue work while waiting for an ambulance helicopter.

A few hours later, the good news came from the hospital: the man had survived. "We are very glad that it went well," said Hörnblad .

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