World Fair Play Day

EFPM President Christian Hinterberger shared his thoughts at the event in Bruxelles:

Dear distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentleman,

Many thanks for the opportunity to address you shortly.

Who is EFPM?

EFPM, founded 1994, actually counts 40 corporate member countries and 19 associated members, we regularly organize European Fair Play Congresses, annually announce European Fair Play Awards under the patronage of EOC, cooperate with our members and several Sports Federations for implementing Fair Play Card Concepts and create and elaborate the Fair Play Card Toolbox as the latest project.


If somebody at the founding assembly would have mentioned that a World Fair Play Day will once become reality, we would have thought, what a nice dream, a fairy-tale.

And now, this unbelievable idea came into real.

We are happy and proud to be part of this inauguration ceremony as one of the founders.

We all know, this is not the end of the story, it is indeed the very beginning.

In my opinion the World Fair Play Day will be successful, if more and more stakeholders in the world of sport pick up the idea, join us and sign the manifesto, reimplement ethical values and principles by encouraging, creating and supporting Fair Play projects, initiatives and activities at any area and level of sport.

It`s up us to make the World Fair Play Day a never ending story.

Welcome World Fair Play Day, a day of probably new hopes and dreams.

Finally, cordial thanks to Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles, Philippe Housiaux and the whole team as organizers of this outstanding and historical moment.

Let us together take care of sport and play fair

Thank you and stay healthy