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Robert Perc

From 1997 to 2010 the President of one of the oldest Sport Club in hometown Sevnica, initiator to build a new modern sport hall in the municipality, author of the preliminary design of the sporthall. For the initiative and preliminary design of the sports hall received special recognition from the municipality and mayor. Initiator of the project to publish a booklet of the history of the same sport club and history of the sport in municipality in general. Publication covered decades of social and sportlife, which had a huge impact on the majority of existing sport clubs in the municipality. He also served as the President of the Sport Associations ofSport Clubs in the municipality, before one term serving as Vice-President. Received a special recognition of the Association in 2013. He was first President of theSupervisory Council of the newly established Institute of Culture, Sport,Tourism and Youth Activities in the municipality.  Two times recognised as a municipality SportPersonality of The Year for achievements related to development of sports infrastructure and management. Received a special plaque by the NationalOlympic Committee of Slovenia for development and promotion of ju-jitsu inSlovenia and in Europe in 2017. 

Currentlyhe is serving as the President (after years of service as the GeneralSecretary) of the Ju-jitsu European Union (JJEU) and Ju-jitsu InternationalFederation (JJIF). JJEU has been promoting Fair Play for many years, especially with promotion of Fair Play Trophy awards at biggest European tournaments,including championships and events. In the history of Fair Play Trophies,awardees were not only athletes but also officials and team doctors. In 2019, for the first time, an annual "Christian Blareau Fair Play Award '' for excellence in ethics and Fair Play was awarded for 2018. The origins of the award proceed from the deep respect to deceased JJEU President, Mr.Christian Blareau, and his outstanding contribution to Martial Arts,particularly in developing and promoting Ju-Jitsu, his example of sportsmanlike behaviour and professionalism regarding his active role in the EuropeanFair-Play Movement.