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André Catelin
Andre Catelin, EFPM Honorary Member passed away on May 7, 2022 at the age of 91 years. Andre Catelin will always be remembered with respect, love and gratitude.   André Catelin, engineer by education, has devoted a large part of his life to the development of sport under different functions. He was an international ice hockey judge.

He is Honorary President of the  League of French Ice Hockey Judges. He is also former President of the Panathlon International Club de Paris, former President of the French EFPM member organisation l’Association française pour un sport sans violence et pour le fair-play (1994 – 2004). Andre Catelin was elected member of the EFPM Executive Committee, during the 3rd EFPM General Assembly held in Oeiras, July 1997. At 1998, following the 4th EFPM General Assembly held in Athens, he was appointed for the position of EFPM Treasurer. André occupied this position till March 2004, when he resigned from the AFSVFP´s Presidency and from the EFPM Executive Committee member.

Even after retirement he remained faithful to his convictions and continued to promote the values of the sports spirit and tolerance.