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Vladimir Rodichenko
Vladimir Rodichenko was born in 1931. He was a well-known personality in Sport and Olympic Movement of the USSR and the Russia, Professor, PhD in pedagogic science.

Vladimir Rodichenko worked as head of Chief Directorate of Sport and Methods of the USSR Sport Committee, a deputy Director of the All-Union Research Institute for Physical Culture and held a post of a pro-rector of the Moscow Regional State Institute Physical Culture, head of the Department of Educational Institutions of Physical Culture of the Russia State Sport Committee.1975-1980 – Director of the Sport Department of the Organizing of the Games of the XXII Olympiad, 1980, in Moscow. 1989-2005 – Vice-President of the Russian Olympic Committee. In 2005 he was elected the first ever honorary lifetime Russian Olympic Committee Vice-President.
A prominent scientist wrote a lot of scientific reports on sport and Olympic movement. He was the author/head of groups of authors of over 70 books and booklets, and over 400 articles on sports, Olympism and administration of an Olympic Games.  His “Your Olympic Textbook”, the “Olympic idea for Russia” and “An introduction to Sportology” (extracts from selected papers) were reedited in Russia and are the handbooks of Russian school pupils, students and specialists.
Vladimir Rodichenko as sport journalist in 1960-1970s was AIPS member.
He was founder and permanent for 20 years President of the Russian Fair Play Committee, a member of the International Committee for Fair Play and long term member of the Executive Committee of EFPM.
As a representative of the Russian Fair Play Committee and the National Olympic Committee of Russia Vladimir Rodichenkoplayed a very active role in our movement and made a relevant contribution to the successful development of EFPM from the very beginning, especially with regards to the European Fair Play Awards and the scientific matters of our congresses.

National awards: 

  • Order of Friendship of Nations (USSR, 1980),
  • Order of Friendship (Russian Federation, 1997).

International awards: 

  • ICSSPE (1974),
  • FILA (1980,1998),
  • FINA (1980),
  • IAAF (1982),
  • CIFP (1994),
  • EAA (1999),
  • Olympic Order (2000).

Vladimir Rodichenko passed away at the age of 81 year on the 2nd of January, 2013.