Sevim Gullu

Sevim Gullu

After she graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences,  Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, she worked at TUBİTAK-BİLTEN (UZAY) Inc. as a researcher.After that, she worked in human resources in Bilkent Holding Inc.

Since she believed she could express herself better in the academic field, she started a masters program at Gazi University of Sports Sciences and Sport Management. In the meantime, in 2013, she worked as a researcher at Istqnbul University-Cerrahpasa (the old name being Istanbul University) Faculty of Sports Science and Sports Management, which helped her take a step towards her academic career. In 2018, she completed her PhD in the same faculty and went to University of Palacky in Czech Republic for a semester as an Erasmus student. In 2019 she received her PhD title in the field of Sports Science and she continues to work as the head of The Recreation Department.

The main working fields of Gullu are ‘’Organisational Behaviour in Sports” and “Fair Play”. She has a scientific book called "Organisational Commitment and Communication in Sports", textbooks called "Introduction to Sports Management" and "Fair Play", many scientific articles, and papers presented in congresses with international participation.

She worked as instructor at IAAF Children’s Athleticism for a while. She continues to work as the vice president for the Turkish National Olympic Committee  Fair Play Commission. In 2015, she was deemed worthy of the World Fair Play award, which is run by the Fair Play commission and is part of the Universities Fair Play ‘Kervani’ Project. As a commission, she has received many awards from EFPM and CIFP. Gullu holds a Diploma of Honour from the European Fair Play Association.


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