Actual information from EFPM

Charalambos Lottas represents EFPM in EPAS meetings in Cyprus

Once more, the EFPM was present, represented by its former Executive Committee Member and General Secretary of the Cyprus NOC, Charalambos Lottas, at the

  • 11th Joint Meeting of the EPAS Governing Board and the Consultative Committee,
  • 9th Meeting of the Plenary of the EPAS Consultative Committee and
  • 10th EPAS Anniversary Conference: Working Together to Built and Consolidate Democracy, Tolerance and Inclusion, which all took place on 09 – 11 May 2017 in Limassol, Cyprus.

The events were organized by the Cyprus Sport Organization and EPAS in the course of the Cyprus’ Presidency of the Council of Europe Ministers Commission. The objectives of the events were to highlight achievements of EPAS’ role in promoting diversity in sport in Europe, to analyze with high profile speakers and the audience an ideal, achievable situation with regards to diversity in sport and to discuss and shape together EPAS’ future strategic orientation. The opening speeches were made by Costas Kadis, Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus, and Marja Ruotanen, Director of Human Dignity and Equality of the Council of Europe. High level panel discussions took place and useful conclusions were drawn.