Actual information from EFPM

EFPM diploma of recognition goes to Joy Jouret

Former Belgian champion, hockey player Joy Jouret, was given the keys to the Namur men’s team three years ago. She simply followed her motto: “Dare”. And she dared to take up this challenge, breaking the codes. She was quickly adopted by all the players who barely tested her skills. “I think you need complicity with your players. Yes, there were tests, but it was always very positive,” the coach explains. “At the beginning, I was afraid of not being up to the task, but also of not being able to pass on the pleasure, the passion, the values and all the benefits that high-level collective sport can bring. In life, I am a rather smiley and easy-going person except when it comes to my values. As far as respect is concerned, I think diversity is the key to success. If the athlete feels respected for who he is, he will perform. This is also reflected on the field by respecting the opponents and the referees. We are the team with the fewest cards, and we have a rule that if a player gets a card for bitching at the referees instead of helping his teammates defend, he is suspended for the next game and has to referee a game for the club.”