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Fair play awards at the fencing competition in Piliscsaba (HUN)

On 17-18 February 2024 the Csaba Cup fencing competition took place held in Piliscsaba (HUN) as part of a series of competitions in honour of Mihály Fülöp, Hungarian foil fencer, two-time world champion and Olympic bronze medalist in fencing.


More than 340 young fencers from 6 countries participated at the competition organised in 3 different age groups.


A particularly positive aspect of the competition was that the organisers, the Szent-György Fencing Club of Esztergom, did not forget that sport - and especially fencing, one of the oldest Olympic sports - has also other tasks than counting victories and medals. Led by Béla Molnár, Head of the Club, there was a strong focus on the fact that fencing must teach children, young people, and adults alike to respect and appreciate their opponents, to recognise their abilities and their efforts.  In this sense, the Fair Play Awards announced by the organisers help to remind all participants of the unwritten and written rules of fair play and help to preserve the spirit of fair play. At the end of the two days of competition fair play prizes were handed over to the following young fencers: Domonkos Gróf, Dávid Sali, Laura Biasolo, Csongor Molnár.


The awards were presented by the city's leadership and outstanding personalities of fencing, such as Ildikó Bóbis, world champion and Olympic silver medallist, Csaba Kun, European champion fencer, László Dezsö, member of the board of the Hungarian Fencing Federation and Katarina Ráczová, world silver medallist and EFPM board member.