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Mamanet Austria awarded with European Fair Play Diploma

The European Fair Play Diploma  under the auspices of the European Olympic Committees and awarded to an organization goes to Mamanet Austria (AUT)                   

Mamanet Austria is an international organisation aiming to support mothers and young women to excel in Mamanet while creating a positive impact in their community. Mamanet is more than sport as the focus is on building social networks and communities. On the Mamanet court every woman is equal! Since the beginning of 2016, the international sports movement Mamanet has been successfully active in Austria. Up to 20 women from different refugee groups come together and play in the Mamanet Austria league competition in teams together with women from Austria. Since March 2022 a “Mamanet Ukraine Project” has started with 3 locations in Vienna, where women and their families can play and forget their sorrows. Integration happens by the way. Moreover, women with psychical problems and overweight women are welcome to join the Mamanet community. As Fair Play is highlighted as Mamanet, there exists the so called “Green Card”. At the last Mamanet Singles World Championships in June 2022 a mixed team from Mamanet Austria and Mamanet Lecce received the Fair Play card from 27 teams.

Elisabeth Speiser-Havel, Mamanet Austria general secretary