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There are less than 100 days left until the PARIS 2024 Olympics and the eyes of the world are all turned towards the Olympic Torch lit on 16 April 2024 in Olympia, Greece, in a ritual that harks back to the traditions of Ancient Greece. An almost hundred day long journey that will cross the Peloponnese, before heading by boat and heading towards France where it will arrive in Marseille on May 8th.

The Torch will arrive in Paris, the city that will host the Olympic Games and will remain lit for the entire time of the Games, from 26 July to 11 August 2024.

On Tuesday 16 April 2024, the San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CSPC) and the San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP) lit their symbolic torch, sharing the Olympic Values, with the students and teachers of some classes of the Serravalle State Middle School San Marino and live zoom with associations, schools and Olympic academies in the Mediterranean, all the way to Malaysia. Thanks to the brilliant video conference held by Prof. Gennaro Testa on the theme: "OLYMPIC VALUES: RITES and MYTHS," the history of the Games and Olympic Values was retraced with archive images, up to the awaited edition of Paris 2024.

From these values, the ideal of peace and equality between peoples re-emerges forcefully, including Thomas Bach, president of the IOC; during the traditional and evocative Lighting Ceremony he reiterated that "In these difficult times, when wars and conflicts increase, people have had enough of hatred. In our hearts we desire something that brings us together again, something that gives us hope. The Olympic Flame that we light today symbolizes this hope." While the world is shaken by many crises "the Olympic Flame represents a force of inspiration for all of us and for future generations".

The hope of the San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CSPC) and the San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP) is to return to considering the importance of the concept of "OLYMPIC TRUCE" of the ancient Greeks, so that athletes and spectators from all over the world are capable of promoting and encouraging the creation of lasting and friendly relations between peoples.

The CSPC and CNSFP thank the Secretariat of State for Education and Culture, the Secretariat of State for Work and Sport, the Management of the Serravalle Middle School, the Students, the Teachers, the Council of Castello di Serravalle and Prof. Gennaro Testa who was awarded the title: "International Ambassador of the San Marino Committee Pierre de Coubertin."

The next appointment on the agenda will be for 26 April 2024, coinciding with the official delivery of the Olympic Torch to the Delegation of the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee at the Panathinaikos Stadium in Athens, where a Press Conference is scheduled for 12pm at the Secretariat of State for Labor and Sport of San Marino, for the official presentation of the “San Marino International Fair Play Passport.”